Raising Up Leaders in South Sudan — in this Generation and the Next

Good Shepherd Educational Foundation

Supporting the work of Rev. John Chol Daau in South Sudan — featured in the new documentary Christians in the Mirror.

Rev. John Chol Daau Meet the Founder

Rev. John Chol Daau is a South Sudanese Anglican priest from the Diocese of Bor and a former Lost Boy of Sudan who has returned as a missionary to his native country. His ministries are established on Christian principles and doctrine, firmly rooted in biblical statements of faith, and uphold apostolic teachings and Anglican traditions.

In this 3-minute video, Rev. Daau recounts why he founded the Good Shepherd Academy in South Sudan.

About the Good Shepherd Educational Foundation

The GSEF(USA) is a §501(c)(3) organization that solely supports the work of Rev. John Chol Daau in South Sudan. The GSEF creates servant-leaders through Christian-based education in order to build a peaceful society in South Sudan. Currently, the foundation raises funds for the following ministries:

Good Shepherd College & Seminary

Originally established to empower masses of untrained Christian leaders primarily in the diocese of Bor, GSCS started as a mobile program for refugee clergy and lay leaders of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (Anglican). Today, GSCS is dedicated to leadership development, discipleship, teaching, and training of leaders in the emerging church of South Sudan and beyond. More than 1000 church and community leaders have undergone training on various courses including theological, leadership, development, peace and reconciliation courses.

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Good Shepherd Academy // Juba, South Sudan

A private school for preschool and primary education in South Sudan, GSA provides an holistic education at the highest modern standards. With special attention to marginalized and vulnerable children, Good Shepherd Academy nurtures our students to realize their potential and ability while providing care with dignity. GSA's students come from a variety of ethnic groups.

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The Christian Times

Launched in 2004 as the first Christian newspaper in Sudan, The Christian Times now operates in the nation of South Sudan. TCT advocates for social development, peace, and reconciliation in South Sudan. With reporters in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Juba, South Sudan, TCT gives readers a platform to discuss latest happenings, transformative development, peace and justice.

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South Sudanese Refugee Camps

Currently, 2 million South Sudanese are internally displaced in South Sudan, while another 2 million are refugees in neighboring nations. To meet the spiritual needs of some of these refugees, Good Shepherd College is running short courses in two South Sudanese refugee camps in northern Uganda, teaching topics such as Church Leadership, Community Development, Bible and Theology, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Youth and Children Ministry, Conflict Resolution, and Peace and Reconciliation.

Read the Wikipedia article on South Sudanese refugees:

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