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About South Sudan and GSEF

Since its independence in 2011, South Sudan has been one of the most fragile countries in the world. It struggles with a number of serious interrelated problems, including: civil war and ethnic tensions; food insecurity, severe poverty, and rampant disease; and a lack of infrastructure. Over 2 million South Sudanese have fled the country as refugees. Another 2 million are internally displaced.
The Good Shepherd Educational Foundation (GSEF) is uniquely positioned to address many of these concerns by providing Christian education — fostering hope, unity, and peace.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, having gained independence in 2011.

Fact #1

South Sudan has a population of approximately 14.7 million people.

Fact #2

South Sudan is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a low literacy rate and high poverty levels.

Fact #3

Though English is the official language, over 60 indigenous languages are spoken in South Sudan.

Fact #4

South Sudan is heavily dependent on oil exports, accounting for almost all of its export earnings.

Fact #5

The White Nile, a major tributary of the Nile River, originates in South Sudan, playing a crucial role in the country's agriculture and ecosystem.

Fact #6

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